FC Porto: some great transfer business

Today FC Porto confirmed Jackson Martínez’s transfer to Atlético Madrid for a fee of € 35,000,000, the 5th highest transfer fee they have ever received. Having bought him for € 8,8M from Jaguares in 2012 they made a profit of  a bit over 26M on the the Colombian. There were 6 transfers deals that yielded FC Porto an even higher profit*. Some stats from the 25 highest transfer fees that FC Porto received since 2000:

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Real Madrid transfers: nationalities

The 2015 winter transfer window is open and Real Madrid is – so far the only team – spending again! A very short update on an earlier post on their transfer expenditures since 2000.

With the transfers of Ødegaard and Lucas Silva, Real Madrid has now spent almost €1.5 billion on signings since 2000 (they are only €37.5M short..). Lucas Silva was the 10th Brazilian to transfer to Real Madrid in this century and Ødegaard, obviously, the youngest and first Norwegian player.

In the table below an overview of the transfers per nationality with corresponding fees:

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Goal scoring comparison: Javier Hernández versus Karim Benzema

In the shadow of all big transfers of last summer’s transfer window, there was Javier Hernández’ move from Manchester United to Real Madrid. Quite a big name and two big clubs, but I am sure there is a lot o football followers who still do not know Chicharito is playing at last season’s Champions League winner. But he might have woken up some people with his 2 goals against Deportivo la Coruña last weekend (20 sept). Although it concerned the 7-2 and the 8-2, his first goal for Los Merengues was a beautiful one: http://youtu.be/-Ww05EX1MZ8

From the minute that some obscure Twitter accounts brought the news of Hernández’ move my Mexican friend told me he would downgrade Madrid’s current striker Karim Benzema to the bench, arguing that Chicharito, when he finally plays, makes more goals than the French striker. Time to see the stats:

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Transfer summary: an overview of the transfer spending since 1998

Last summer was, again, quite an exciting transfer window. 3 players (Suárez, James and Di María) entered the top 5 of most expensive transfers in the history of football and some clubs broke their records to make this possible (Barcelona, Manchester United). Helped by the spending of the Reds the English Premier League spent an amount of money on new players never seen in the history of any league. Maybe hoping to be able to compete with the Bundesliga and La Liga again, after 5 years with only 3 semifinal seats in the Champions League.

In this piece I will look at the transfer spending of the Four Big leagues (England, Spain, Germany and Italy) as of 1998. Giving an overview of the ridiculousness of the increase in spending, while looking at the relation to Champions League performance in the corresponding (the season after a summer transfer round-up) season.

3 takeaways from the numbers:

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An analysis of Man United’s signing Marcos Rojo: Wing back or centre back?

Marcos Rojo seems to be Van Gaal’s most important signing so far. The argentine, being the 3rd player from Sporting CP to transfer to Old Trafford after Nani and Cristiano Ronaldo, will most likely be playing as the most left centre back position in Van Gaal’s 3-5-2 system. A position where the 24-year old also used to play at Sporting Portugal.

As there is hardly any in-depth data available of the Portuguese league and Sporting did not participate in any european competition since Rojo’s arrival we have to do it with an analysis of his World Cup data. He did not play the same position in Brazil as he probably will be under Van Gaal, but the positive thing is that Argentina’s head coach Sabella used him mainly as a left-back, instead of a wing back, so he does have a lot of statistics on which we can analyze his defensive performance.

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The 10 hottest prospects in the Argentine Premier League

The losing finalist of the 2014 World Cup, Argentina, is one of the biggest football nations in the world. And there are various argentines among the most expensive football players in history:

14. Crespo: €55M
24. Agüero: €45M
29. Veron: €43M
31. Pastore: €41M

Real Madrid spent €114M on Argentinians as of 2000. And recently they signed James and he became the most expensive player ever to have played in the Argentine premier league (Banfield, 2008-10).

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Classic number 9’s: how Mandzukic can replace Diego Costa

As seen in my previous article there is very little difference between last season’s stats of Diego Costa and those of the man who will replace him at Atlético Madrid the coming season(s): Mario Mandzukic. This made me decide to investigate them some more. Moreover, I was already trying to watch some statistics from some strikers who can be considered as “classic #9’s” – all right, not as classic as Bierhoff – as I got the feeling they were some kind of dying breed. No more Ronaldo’s. No more Owen’s. No more Inzaghi’s. No more Van Nistelrooy’s. No more (well, a little) Klose’s and Toni’s. But maybe that topic is something for later..!

Returning to the beginning of the article though: how can Mandzukic replace Costa in Atleti’s team this season?

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Mandzukic versus Diego Costa

The downside of Atlético Madrid’s incredible ’13-’14 season is that in the current transfer window they have already lost 4 of their key players: Courtois, Felipe, Adrián and Costa.

Their biggest loss seems to be that of striker Diego Costa, who found – not counting penalty goals – the net 23 times in the Spanish league and 7 times in the Champions league. He divided those 30 goals over 25 games, winning every single one of those!

After his €40M departure to Chelsea, Atleti had to look for a replacement and found him in Bayern’s Mario Mandzukic, who – as well – won all matches in which he put himself on the scoreboard last season: 19 times.

Diego Costa and Mandzukic  both won ALL games (25 and 19 respectively) in which they scored at least one  goal  in the 2013/2014 season

Diego Costa’s and Mandzukic’ stats over the last season – covering the local leagues and champions league – show some more, and interesting similarities!

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Real Madrid continues spending big: an analysis and records

After having spent 12 years forming a new superstar team, Real Madrid won the Champions League for the tenth time in May of this year (2014). In the final, Real Madrid’s first 11 had a combined transfer value of €380.5M (*see list at the end of article) and Casillas, almost costing them the cup, was the only player to come from Madrid’s youth academy.

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