Gold Cup 2017 Warm-up

The 2017 edition of the CONCACAF Gold Cup will start on the 7th of July. In Harrisson, French Guiana and Canada kick off for the 14th edition of the Gold Cup. Hosts USA start their campaign one day later and defending champions Mexico appear for the first time on July 9th. Here is your usual preview in numbers:

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World Cup for Clubs 2016

Tomorrow, 8 December 2016, starts the 2016 World Cup for Clubs with the qualification game between the champions of the host country Japan and the winner of the Oceania Champions League: Kashima Antlers vs Auckland City. It will be the 13rd time the tournament is played under this name (it still had a different format in the 2000 edition though), but if we would count all World Cups on club level (known as Intercontinental Cup before) that were disputed in history, it would be edition number 56. For the rest of this blog we will consider the latter.

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Game states: how much time does each team spent winning and losing

I recently wrote a short piece about Liverpool and how much time they spent games in a drawing state. After having calculated the same statistic for each team in the top-6 European leagues + the Eredivisie (there are probably no valid arguments for the inclusion but I like the league) I noticed that there are much more interesting stats to be found. Just some screenshots and key facts.

Time spent winning

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Gold Cup Warm-up

Only 3 days after the Copa America final and with only 1 day of “rest” after the Women’s World Cup the 2015 Gold Cup is set to kick off. Panama and Haiti will open the tournament in the Toyota stadium in Frisco, Texas on Tuesday (July 7th). Later that night the US will play Honduras (with history in the making!) on the same pitch. Here’s a preview in numbers:

Gold Cup groups
2015 Gold Cup groups

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Messi: a short preview of the Copa America 2015

Messi played two editions of the Copa America: Colombia 2007 and Argentina 2011. And as can be seen in this blog post; it does not seem to be his favorite tournament. He has scored only 2 goals in 10 games, and averages 0,21 goals per 90 minutes.

Previewing the Copa America 2015 in Chile, let’s see how he has done against Argentina’s opponents in the group phase:

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Copa América Warm-up

The Copa America 2015 is set to begin on Thursday (June 11th) and here you’ll find everything (probably not, but still some interesting things) you want to know about the oldest continental football tournament there is.

Copa America 2015: all groups
Copa America 2015: all groups

12 participants
 There are twelve teams participating in the upcoming edition. Here is the all-time ranking with the 12 teams highlighted:

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