About Mister Numbers

I love numbers. And I love football.

I write about various topics here but, unsurprisingly, they all have one thing in common: a combination of numbers and football. From transfer sums to statistical performance analysis, and from all kinds of rankings to useless numerical facts.

Working as a data analyst at a provider of football statistics I realized that my colleagues suffer a lot having to listen to all of my (ir)relevant statistical comments about (un)interesting football events. That is why I decided to share the (somewhat) relevant and/or interesting ones here through some blogs and on the corresponding Twitter account.

I am also fanatic sports player, but only when there is a (foot)ball involved. Occasionally I climb the home trainer to try to run a bit, but only because the machine shows me 5 different kinds of running stats and numbers, which I can then play with and relate to each other.

Anyway, that is why at the office they, somewhat jokingly, call me  “Mister Numbers”.

Enjoy! And any suggestions and or questions are always welcome!


One thought on “About Mister Numbers

  1. hammadzahid1997 February 2, 2016 / 07:22

    Hello Mister Numbers,

    Hope you are doing great. I am Hammad Zahid, Content Manager of Sporticos.com and a big fan of your site.

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    With us as your partners, you will have full access to all our info-graphics. You can check our website here: https://sporticos.com/. We will also feature your link & banner on our site.

    Here are some of our partners:


    Please let me know how this sounds to you.



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