Goals, goals, goals

Seeing Cristiano Ronaldo score yet another insignificant hat-trick against Espanyol last night I wondered how many of his goals actually matter. And with “matter” I refer to goals that actually have a clear impact on the game and are not just goals in the margin (when already winning 2-0 for example). Within the same effort I could might as well check the same statistic for all players in Europe’s top 4 leagues. So that’s what I did and I also added the goal data from the Champions League and Europa League.

First things first; a list of players with the most Non-Penalty Goals per 90 minutes (only for players with 10+ goals):

Non penalty goals per 90 minutes europe1

Then the same table but ordered by the amount of goals (again, no penalty goals) that changed the state of the game: that is goals that made the game go from losing to drawing or drawing to winning. Karim Benzema also tops this table (together with Suárez, Higuaín and Lewandoswki). Cristiano Ronaldo finds himself on the 33rd place, which he shares with Dybala, Bale, Benteke, Diego Costa, Agüero and more. Rooney (4 game state) and Neymar (3) cannot be found in this filtered list.

Game state-changing goals

And than one last table, one that gained some (not undeserved) criticism the last time I published it: how many points would a player’s team have lost when his goals would be deleted from all games? Going back to Ronaldo’s example of last night. The 3 goals he scored in Real Madrid’s victory had no value considering  that his team would have won (3-0) anyway when not counting his goals. Again, for this table I am not considering penalty goals (nor own goals obviously). I took the freedom to take out some (less interesting) players:

Points won for team
Points won for team


All data comes from DataFactory




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