Copa America Final: Chile – Argentina

A preview of the Copa America final between Chile and Argentina in numbers:

The final of the Copa America will be on a Saturday for the first time in history.

All 9 one-off finals:
2011] Uruguay – Paraguay 3-0
2007] Brazil – Argentina 3-0
2007] Brazil – Argentina 2-2 (BRA wins)
2001] Colombia – México 1-0
1999] Brazil – Uruguay 3-0
1997] Brazil – Bolivia 3-1
1995] Uruguay – Brazil 1-1 (URU wins)
1993] Argentina – Mexico 2-1
1987] Uruguay – Chile 1-0

We have seen 24 goals in those 9 finals, of which 11 came in the first halves and 13 in the last 45 minutes.

The team that scored the first goal never lost the final in regular time: 2 games went to penalties and precisely in those games the team that had opened the score lost the shoot-out.

The fastest goal in a final was scored by Julio Baptista: he scored after 3:52 minutes in the 2007 final between Brazil and Argentina. That was the only goal in the first 20 minutes of a final.

It will be the 87th game in Santiago de Chile. No other city has hosted that many Copa America games. An average of 3,98 goals were scored in those games.

Chile have never won against Argentina for Copa America. 4 of the 5 teams that have beaten Argentina in Copa America got their first victory in their own capital (Uruguay, Brazil, Peru and Bolivia).

Argentina (20) and Chile (25) are the teams with most victories in Santiago de Chile for Copa America:
ARG: 25 – 20 – 4 – 1 (76 goals)
CHI: 40 – 25 – 8 – 7 (102 goals)

In none of the 7 meetings between Chile and Argentina for Copa America on Chilean ground a team managed to score over 1 goal:
1920] 1-1
1926] 1-1
1941] 0-1 ARG (Argentina champion)
1945] 1-1 (Argentina champion)
1955] 0-1 ARG (Argentina champion)
1991] 0-1 ARG (Argentina champion)
1991] 0-0 (Argentina champion)

Argentina’s all-time leading goal scorer Gabriel Omar Batistuta scored the last goal in those matches above (that 0-1 in 1991)

Argentina has not been defeated in regular time in the last 9 Copa games, last time they reached that mark their streak was brutally ended in the final (0-3 vs Brazil in 2007). Last time they reached 10 games without losses was in 1993 when they won the Copa.

Chile are unbeaten for 5 Copa America games, last time they completed a streak of 6? 1987, before losing the final vs Uruguay.

In their previous 36 participations Chile NEVER ended a tournament without losses.

In the last 7 games in the Copa America that were led by a Colombian referee both teams found the net (average of 4 goals per game).

When having a Colombian referee in the Copa America:
Argentina: 1 win – 4 draws – 1 loss
Chile: 2 wins – 1 draw – 3 losses

The final’s referee Roldán gave two penalties this Copa America (ARG-par, BOL-per), but none of those teams won their games. He gave 15 yellow cards and 1 red card (Martino) and whistked for 79 fouls (average of almost 40..!).

Chile did not score in any of their last 6 games against Argentina for Copa America:
1997] 0-2
1995] 0-4
1991] 0-0
1991] 0-1
1989] 0-1
1967] 0-2

Chile did not score in the 2nd half of any of the last 11 games for Copa America against Argentina

In 24 opportunities Chile have never beaten Argentina in the Copa America and have never scored in both halves.

Argentina did not lose any of their last 28 matches on Chilean soil for Copa America (22 wins, 6 draws).

Argentina played 23 matches against the hosts of the Copa America:
7 wins (3 in Chile)
6 draws (4 in Chile)
10 losses

The hosts of the Copa America in one-off finals:
1995] Uruguay wins after penalties (vs Brazil)
1997] Bolivia loses (1-3 vs Brazil)
2001] Colombia wins (1-0 vs Mexico)

The last time Argentina lost a World Cup final (0-1 vs Germany in 1990) they won the Copa America in Chile in the next year. The lost last year’s World Cup Final by 0-1 vs Germany and now play the Copa America in Chile.

Argentina won the last 4 Copas that were hosted by Chile.

The last time Chile scored 13 or more goals in a Copa America was in 1979, when they lost the final (over 3 legs) against Paraguay.

Chile have beaten all opponents they played more than one time at least once, except for Argentina:
6 draws
18 losses

Higuaín (4) and Messi (2) have scored Argentina’s last 6 goals against Chile, meanwhile they also exchanged assists in the last 2 games.

The last manager that won the Copa America with a team that was not his own national team was the Brazilian Alvim in 1963 with Bolivia

Players and managers:

This finals marks the first time that two managers from the same country (Argentina in this case) face each other in the final of the Copa America.

Martino (Arg) is the:
– third manager in history to reach the Copa America final two times (Basile in 1993 and 2007 with Argentina and Zagallo)
– the second to do it in consecutive years (Zagallo with Brazil in 1997 and 1999)
– the first to do it with two different teams (Paraguay in 2011 and Argentina in 2015)

Messi and Valdivia are the only players to have provided 3 assists this Copa America

Messi (21) and Alexis Sánchez (18) are the players with most shots this Copa America, both managed to score only 1 goal. Messi got 12 (57%) on goal, Alexis only 5 (28%, the worst percentage of all players with over 8 shots).

Mascherano is the player with most completed passes this Copa: 334. He gave 57 of those to Javier Pastore. Medel, with 198 passes, is Chile’s leader.

The most given passes in Argentina’s team:
61] Garay -> Mascherano
59] Pastore -> Messi
57] Mascherano -> Pastore

Messi, Romero and Rojo are the only players to have played all minutes for Argentina this tournament.

Argentina’s historic top scorers against Chile (all tournaments and friendlies):
6] Batistuta
5] Higuaín
4] Arrieta, Labruna, Maschio, Artime, Brindisi


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